Dementia Care Programs

Modelled on the specialized approaches developed in Scotland (“Elderflowers” program) and Montreal (Fondation Dr Clown’s “La Belle Visite” program) we combine theatre artistry with relational sensitivity to arrive at a uniquely engaging and effective way to enhance the lives of elders living with Dementia.


  • humorous, charming and eccentric adult characters from an earlier era circulate in duo as friendly visitors
  • use of music from 1930’s – 1960’s
  • engagement of clients through alternate modes of expression and communication; gentle touch, movement, mirroring, gesture, dance, music & rhythm.
  • attention to emotionality and personhood underlying behaviour
  • support and celebration of the uniqueness of each individual; their competencies, their history,  their interests
  • being alive to the present moment
  • close attention to non-verbal cues, body language and expression

We work with people at all stages of their illness  and at all levels of functioning and cognition. Room to room visits allow bed-bound and lower-functioning elders to receive personalized programming. Hallway, common room, and activity room visits allow more active individuals to engage spontaneously and in community with others. The free-flowing and spontaneous nature of our interactions also allows for staff, visitors and carers to engage with us – and they do!

As soon as they come, everything changes. They always put me in a dancing mood!  – PCP , the Westbury LTC

The overall effect is transformational; a lighter, more relaxed atmosphere for all. We leave behind us a trail of love and laughter; a lighter sense of being that lingers even after we are gone. This ultimately has a positive trickle down effect on the overall quality of care given, and on the quality of life of the residents/clients.

 They make us feel alive, like we still have a lot to live for.  – Client of day program, St Clair West Services for Seniors