I am a Toronto-based theatre artist with special skills and training to work in health care. After 15 years working as a director/producer and performer in theatre and in television, I discovered an exciting new professional practice that brought particular meaning to my work. I fell in love with the work of the therapeutic clown. In 2001, I shifted my professional focus to this exciting developing field of the arts in health care. Since then I have been applying my professional skills in the service of bringing  joy, love and laughter to vulnerable people of all ages in care settings, helping them to cope with illness, trauma, disability and institutionalization.

I am committed to the humanization of care. I am passionate about the restorative power of play. I delight in authentic connection and in artful collaboration. I am excited to be part of an emerging professional practice where creativity, imagination and play is recognized as an integral component to health and well-being.

I invite you to learn more about what therapeutic clowning is, and about the services that I offer both in health care and in the wider community. Thanks for visiting!

– Kathleen Le Roux