Denise Oliver


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Denise Oliver is a professional actress/comedienne and therapeutic clown artist.  A graduate of Moncton University’s drama program and with a background in improvisation, Denise first came to clowning in the role of Rosabelle, one of the network hosts of Treehouse TV in 1997.  She worked closely with Kathleen Le Roux (as Tansy) for four years creating and performing the Treehouse interstitial segments and live shows that formed the backbone of her clown technique. Denise now has two beautiful daughters, is an accomplished voice actress for numerous animated television series including Wayside, My Friend Rabbit, Beyblade and Sidekick (YTV, Treehouse TV, Teletoon) and works in a variety of producing and directing roles in children’s animation. With a passion for helping others and a fascination for the meaningful work of the therapeutic clown in adult and elder care, Denise has been delving deeper and deeper into the work through training and mentorship with Kathleen and her team. She is delighted to be working with the team on an occasional basis as the “replacement artist” when needed.